Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Heart House Hanger

Keeping it short and simple again this week.
I think this must really be adult life...
I can't seem to find time to write a post!

So, thought I'd share another one of my mom's projects with you.
She got this large twig heart at a garage sale for only a couple bucks.

Then she took some moss and a little birds nest and attached them to it to doll it up!
She's just so effortlessly crafty.

It hangs right on the front of the house above the dining room's picture windows. 
A lovely little welcoming heart.

I immediately questioned it when I first arrived back home, because I can remember my mom saying when I was little that she was "all hearted out". I believe she was referring to jewelry though! haha :)  
She had gotten one too many heart style jewelry items.

She must be warming back up to hearts though....

Remembering my mom's words of being "all hearted out", I decided at a young age that I didn't like hearts either! Hmm, someone wanted to be just like their mommy I think...

Anyways, it's growing on me. I've decided I like this heart, and that's a start right?

Are you a fan of hearts or not so much?
I love reading comments, so let me know!! 

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Hey Olivia, tell your momma that the heart is super cute! I have mixed feelings on hearts. I think they have to be rustic or shabby chic to some degree for me to want to decorate with them. I did a heart cut out of wood and painted the flag on it but then made it look old and vintage and I am in LOVE with it. But just plain ole hearts, no thanks lol. Great post
    if you get a spare second in life stop by my blog for some reason I cannot log into my wordpress account on here, and this blogger account is super old and I haven't used it since I opened it I think lol.

  2. How adorable. I love the simplicity of it.

  3. I've just pinned this-I love the addition of the nest and I love hearts too. Your mom is so clever!

    Best wishes and thanks for joining the Say G'Day linky party!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz