Saturday, December 23, 2017

2017 Christmas Home Tour

I finally got a new lap top! And now that I have all working keys, I'd say that calls for a blog post!
And just in time for Christmas. 
I'm not a consistent blogger, but I have been pretty good about doing a Christmas home tour just about every year I think...

Cause Christmas is the best.

So, here goes...

Here is our lovely tree right from the woods. Thankful for parents with lots of land and pine trees.
I've again got my crocheted snowflakes and pom-poms with bits of burlap and lace and all my favorite ornaments. 
I'd like to point out that I was a few years ahead of the pom-pom trend! 
All the big name decorators have them on their tree this year. 
However, unlike them, I will probably have these on my tree until I'm 40 ;)
They will be on to the next best thing next year.

I ditched my cheep little nativity stable this year, and I'm glad I did. 
I ended up flipping one of my old crates upside down, and I really like it! 
I don't think there were actually snow covered pine trees where Jesus was born, but we're in the northwoods here in real life.

This booklet was my new piece of decor this year. 
A $1 score from "Recycled Christmas" and the vintagy pictures in it make me soooo happy!
I still need to sit down and read it.

My manger.
 My baby can't quite crawl yet but he rolled over and started pulling out the straw trying to eat it!! Yikes. Made me realize I may not be able to put out a lot of the decor next year that I usually do. Or I may need to buy a baby gate...  

Re took nativity pictures when there was snow on the ground because it just looks more Chirstmasy, right??

Okay, so I let my husband decorate this year!
My sister and I went out thrifting (naturally) on the day I was planning to decorate.
Before we left I jokingly told my husband he needed to do the decorating, and I came back home to this little display by the TV that I really like!

I like how he tied the red of the prim Santa in with the sign.
And I like how he sprinkled in jewels like snow!

Seeing the three stocking this year makes me so excited!
Baby's first Christmas, here we come!

Angel in my corner hutch

It's funny how I've used these same things every year to decorate, but just this year I realized that these plates I have go pretty well with this little nativity. I just kinda threw them next to each other. I'll have to figure out something a little more creative for next year.

The barn door got some Christmas love too...
but would someone help those pine cones!? oy.

And the pop of classic Christmas red is over by the pew...

The Believe banner is from the Target dollar spot!

And I'm loving my truck pillow that was a Christmas gift from last year.

The chandelier got prettied up for Christmas again this year...
I think it's a little classier than the ornaments I hung last year.

God's Christmas decor...
I like to take my inspiration from Him: Sparkly & White

The white tree...
I'm guessing it won't be going up for a few years after this one. 
A toddler + one tree sounds like enough.

I scored the awesome crocheted tree skirt for this tree for $3 at a church garage sale!

The other vintage thing I got at Recycled Christmas this year is the NOEL Santa set. I just snatched it up fast without really looking at it. Once I set it up I noticed that it's kinda silly...
Does anyone else think the "N" Santa is looking a little too sexy!?? hehe

I got these bottle brush trees as an early Christmas present from my mom, and I so love the vintage + shabby chic vibe! I think I need a bit more of that in my decor. I'm liking the blush pink.

I think the snowflakes will forever be hanging in this window! 
Love them here.

Here's more detail of the console table area...

It's my "sparkly" area.

I chalk painted the little light up church...except for the bottle brush trees on it, and they are the exact shade of green as the "Christmas of Years Gone By" booklet, so that worked out perfectly.

Here are a few snaps from a Christmas dinner I hosted.
It's a lot of work to host, but I always enjoy getting to use all of my pretty dishes and what not.
I got to use the Christmas plates I got on sale after Christmas last year.

 Centerpiece: Cranberries with pine & white pine clippings in water with floating snowflake candles.
My table is very narrow so this worked out well.

And my old sled outside! 
It was mine when I was little.

Also, don't worry. 
I did add a lot more greenery and white pine around the lantern after this photo, so It's not looking that pathetic anymore.

Thanks for taking the tour.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Can't wait to celebrate with my sweet boy and teach him all about how wonderful Christmas is!

Christmas blessings and a happy, healthy new year to you all!


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Baby Boy Nursery Tour

Guess what!?! 
He's here. :D 

MY baby boy that is...and he's already a month old. I basically have just spent this last month breastfeeding but I really wanted to get a post up about his sweet nursery (+ just let ya'll know that he is here) and right now he is snoozing in dad's arms, so I'll type fast til he wakes up and wants to eat again. So, here is Oren's nursery...

The second room in the house to have all the trim done!

I sewed up these little clouds by hand...which I really am not a fan of doing.
It felt like it took forever, but I really wanted the nursery to be just the way I pictured it in my mind for when he came home...not that he cares. I don't think he can even see them yet. ;)

None of these pictures really show the wall color well. This is probably the best's a very soft green. It is "Sheltering Winters Pine" by Valspar. (We left it from when this was the guest bedroom because I thought it also seemed fitting for a nursery.)

I got this marble lamp base at a garage sale for $10 and my husband re-wired it with a $7 kit...and that is just a cheapo Walmart shade that I got on clearance for $5.

My mom found this vintage print at Goodwill for $4
...the background matches the wall color perfectly.

And another awesome thing Grandma did... 
She refinished this dresser (that was her grandma's, so Oren's great-great-grandma's) that we use as the changing table. It's a very pretty soft blue/green chalk paint. And she added some new glass knobs from HobLob that look very vintage. 
It fits a lot of onsies! Thanks grandma...and great-great grandma!

...also I just realized that I never really got a good picture. This dresser is up on 4 pretty legs...

*Guess who is now nursing and typing one handed*
...not that easy... 

And then there's Aunt Maddie, who has so much talent in so many different areas it's ridiculous. 
Painting would be just one thing she's good at.

Yep, my sister made these!

The theme of the baby shower was Peter Rabbit. 
My mom is super awesome at throwing any kind of party, so hopefully some day I'll get around to blogging about the shower and can show off some of that decor...
But anyways it resulted in a bit of a Peter Rabbit theme in the nursery (YAY!). 
I love Beatrix Potter's artwork,
 and my sister did such an awesome job re-creating some of her characters. 

Also, I'm on the lookout for the right kind of floating shelf to put underneath these paintings, 
and that's why they are hung kinda high.

The bunting on the window is leftover from the baby shower.
It matches the quilt hanging over the crib. Both made by my awesome momma!

I got some awesome light gray black out curtains on amazon, and we put them behind the sheers.
Kinda weird I know, but I do what I want. And I wanted the sheers to stay.

Teddy's bow also matches the quilt and bunting.

I used this old tool box that I had painted blue and distressed last summer to corral all of his blankets.

The rug and bed-skirt are both from IKEA. I know you're not supposed to use bumper pads anymore, so I still wanted to try to make the bed look a little cozy, and I think the skirt helps with that. 

I got this free printable and the one up by the lamp off of Pinterest. 

Oh, you can almost see the dresser's nice legs! Urg... mad at myself I didn't get a picture of that.

The other free printable

And, a not so beautiful picture, but look at all those clothes! There's 97 hangers plus I have a pile not hanging up, plus that gigantic dresser is filled up! 
I'm still nervous about trying to get him in everything before he outgrows sizes.

 And the big belly in front of the crib! I think this was 39 weeks along.
Patiently waiting.
He stayed in there until 41.

And now, the most important part! The baby boy to go in the nursery. :)
Meet Oren Nicholas Godfrey.
Born 6/6/17 at 2:05 am
He was 8lbs 3ozs and 20.5 inches long

There we are getting ready to leave the hospital!

He's been a pretty good baby, and I am enjoying motherhood a lot so far.
I don't really get much done except for feeding the baby, but at least he is super cute to stare at!
And breastfeeding is quite peaceful, so I can't complain. 

More baby pictures can be found on my Instagram 

Thanks for taking the tour!

Have a blessed week.

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