Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Heart House Hanger

Keeping it short and simple again this week.
I think this must really be adult life...
I can't seem to find time to write a post!

So, thought I'd share another one of my mom's projects with you.
She got this large twig heart at a garage sale for only a couple bucks.

Then she took some moss and a little birds nest and attached them to it to doll it up!
She's just so effortlessly crafty.

It hangs right on the front of the house above the dining room's picture windows. 
A lovely little welcoming heart.

I immediately questioned it when I first arrived back home, because I can remember my mom saying when I was little that she was "all hearted out". I believe she was referring to jewelry though! haha :)  
She had gotten one too many heart style jewelry items.

She must be warming back up to hearts though....

Remembering my mom's words of being "all hearted out", I decided at a young age that I didn't like hearts either! Hmm, someone wanted to be just like their mommy I think...

Anyways, it's growing on me. I've decided I like this heart, and that's a start right?

Are you a fan of hearts or not so much?
I love reading comments, so let me know!! 

Thanks for stopping by!


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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Country Girl's Playhouse

It's safe to say I was a spoiled toddler. 
My dad would often say, "You're spoiled! Do you know that!?"
To which I would respond, "Well yes, but at least I'm not a spoiled brat."

A sweet, yet spoiled, child I was...
My playhouse is proof  of me being spoiled.
Most children have miniature, plastic playhouses (you know the ones with the little teal shutters and no floor). Not I.
My dad build this charming, rustic, retreat for me (when I was about 2 or 3 years old) from the trees they had taken down while clearing out yard space. 

No plastic shutters here! I had a real picture window (I believe it was actually a french door turned sideways or something like that - hehe). 

Back in the day their was a sandbox out in the front yard and a mailbox off to the right. 
The swing-set was also near by. 
Does it get much better than that!?

And, of course, my mom had it all decorated. At one point I remember it being a schoolhouse theme.

It certainly got good use! I have many special memories in my beloved playhouse.

It is now a garden shed...
Although I would imagine when little grand kids come along it will be converted back to its original purpose. :)

What a blessed little girl I was...and still am!

Have a wonderful week!!


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Monday, August 11, 2014

Adorable Outdoor Table Makeover

Yes, another outdoor table makeover! Why? Because my parents love me! 
This cute little outdoor table and chairs was my first anniversary present from them!

Remember not that long ago when I shared my parent's outdoor patio table makeover?
The glass top had shattered, and they made it look all cute like with a wood top... ;)

You can read more about it HERE!

Anyways, one day my mom was at the dump dropping off the garbage and she saw the base of the table and chairs just sitting there. Yes, at the dump!! Looking all adorable and FREE. 

With her recent project in mind, she asked if she could have them. 
Of course she could have them! They were at the dump because they didn't have seats or a top!
(Ohhh silly, wasteful people....)

Just let my mother's creative mind get going (and my father's handy carpenter skills!!), and you've got your self a whole new table...and probably a much cuter one that how it looked originally.

It came with this lovely, natural patina. I love the chippy goodness! 
Maybe that was another reason it was at the dump, but my eyes are just like

And then, there is this amazing color on top! The pictures don't even show how beautiful it is.
It's a combination of a few different colors I guess, so sorry, I can't tell you the exact name or anything.
It's like a blue/gray/emerald green/beautiful. 

Now I'm just missing the house and cute patio to put it on. ;)

Thanks mom and dad!!! Love yous!


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Saturday, August 2, 2014

My soul will rest in Your embrace...

I've been wanting to share a really beautiful song with you all that I've been loving on lately!

The song is Oceans by Hillsong United and it is sooo pretty.

It instantly calms me and causes me to close my eyes and picture myself next to the water.

The lyrics are so beautiful and always cause me to sing along.

Here it is! I hope you enjoy. :)

That is all for now! I will try to post more next week, but have been kinda busy with starting a new job. :) Have a lovely week!


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