Sunday, February 14, 2016

Light Valentine's Day Decor

I added just a touch of love to our dining area this year.

I made a little XO bunting using some vintage floral and Valentine inspired scrapbook paper.

A little "Love you more" pillow hangs from our chandelier.

The heart cloths pins inspired this project.

They were a 75% off score from World Market that I got right after Valentine's day last year.

This may look like I plan to light the house on fire, but really it's not that at all.
I just wanted to show the little cake topper - the M + O.
It is really easy to make a heart shaped cake with a square cake pan and a round one.
If you're not sure what I'm talking about - Pinterest it!! ;)

We keep things simple around here with cards (sometimes even home made) and chocolate! 
You don't have to spend a lot to celebrate love.
Actually, you don't have to spend anything!

We'll have some heart shaped pasta for dinner!
Another World Market score that I have been saving for a whole year. 

Wishing everyone a love filled day with those you love!!

Blessings for your week,

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