Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall at our House

So, I didn't really think I could call this a "Fall Home Tour" like all y'all other real bloggers,
Because...lets be honest, I basically just decorated the entry way and had enough fall decor to do one little vignette inside. ;) 

But fall is beautiful all on it's own, and we certainly have enough colorful leaves around us to look out at from every room in our home.

In the outside entry area (still under construction) I put my huge mum in a bushel basket that I got from a garage sale for $1. We used it all summer to haul veggies from the garden up to the kitchen, and now it has a new purpose. I put the two smaller mums in old, rusty galvanized buckets that I got for free from an old barn that was going to be tore down.
And, since taking this picture I put the pumpkin behind the mum up on a little milk stool so that it can be seen better.

 This mum really is sooo huge! They were selling them at our little Mennonite grocery store in town 2 for $18! What a mom got each of us one.

You can see how big the mum is next to our puppy - yes, that's right...we got a puppy! 
She has been the excitement in our lives since the beginning of September.
Meet Calla (as in Calla Lily) our Catahoula leopard dog.
She was one of 6 brought to our humane society from Texas.
We LOVE her. She is seriously the sweetest.

This thing almost takes over the little porch area.

Here is the "fixer upper" update picture - we're making a "mini porch". 
The roof had to get re-done this summer, so we added this off the front for some more curb appeal. 
It probably won't get fully finished until spring when Matt will build new, wider steps over the concrete ones, and I will have more room to decorate! We will also have another white beam going horizontally across the top and a more decorative look there.

Calla is all dressed up in her fall scarf my mom brought her.

And now inside to my entryway fall vignette...

All of my fall decor has been either gifted or is from the dollar store ;)

I have plans to paint a sign on barn wood for inside of this frame...just not quite sure when I'll actually get to it. It works either way though I suppose.

I seem to keep finding plenty of ways to decorate with this old crate (that we kinda stole from my mother-in-law). If you remember my Christmas tour I had it sitting horizontally with a little nativity scene in it.


These are my favorite pieces of fall decor. 
My sister-in-law got me the leaf bowl last year for my birthday, and the ceramic pumpkins are from dollar tree! The one in the back is the prettiest, but it was a little lonely, so I had to go back and get the other uglier two to keep it company. ;) 

As far as the rest of the house goes...
I have this miniature garden area from moving my plants inside for the winter.
A couple of these were ones I had gotten just for annuals outdoors, but I figured I could see how they do inside this winter...maybe re-use them outside next summer!?? haha

In the dining area we hung up some sheers, mostly because we never got around to switching out this window for the sliding glass door that we have (which will become the main entry out to the deck and the side door in the kitchen will become a window/pantry area). I figured I can close them in the dead of winter when I am sick of the snow (Jan. Feb. Mar.) and they will still let light in.

In the living room we gained another chair.
An awesome, white, ikea one! And it was a free hand-me-down from a friend that was moving.
I really like it, and so does Calla because now she can sit up there and watch the deer and squirrels. 

Okay, so there is nothing fall in the bedroom, except for the fact that when you look out the window there is a brilliantly red tree! However, my photography skills are not there yet, so you will just have to look at the tree below and imagine I was able to capture it through the window...

Yes, this one! The view out our bedroom window. 
And the woods behind it are all golden yellow.

Calla playing in all the leaves.

All the leaves we get to rake and blow... and this is only about half!
I am really thankful for beautiful mature trees though, so I think it's worth it. 

The garden...ready for it's last harvest (mostly just cherry tomatoes still going) and then it will get ripped out and moved to the compost!
(I have tons of pictures of us (Matt) building the garden that I will hopefully one day turn into a post.)

Calla says, "thanks for stopping by to view our fall pictures!"

Hope everyone is enjoying the smells and flavors and colors of fall.
Have a blessed week...


Saturday, September 17, 2016

DIY Doily Runner

After FOUR years of collecting, it's finally complete!
Well...that's a little bit of a lie. 
I used tacky glue to keep all these pretty little ladies in place for hand stitching them together. 
And, the stitching part hasn't exactly happened yet (sewing kinda scares me).
But let me tell you... tacky glue seems to work really well!
I've had it on the table for months, and they have all stayed together just fine. 
Maybe at some point in the dead of winter I'll get around to sewing. Maybe not. ;) 

A doily runner was one of my first ever pins on Pinterest, and so I set out to find a bunch to make a runner of my own...they must have been in high demand, because they sure were hard to find! 
This hunt started when I was living in La Crosse, and I would constantly be checking Goodwill. I would usually find one or two priced at $1.99 ea. 

Then, back up north during one of my trips to the local Salvation Army I found A TON! 
It was really so exciting... Big ones for 25 cents, small ones for 10 cents. WHOOP WHOOP! 

I had two matching doilies, which I put on each end.

Most of the doilies are very unique, vintage, handmade ones.
I do have a couple of those mass produced kind in there too though... but I think that's okay.
They're all pretty to look at in my eyes.

I really do love how it turned out!
And I'm still collecting...I've almost got enough for a second one for gift giving of course.

By the way... I got an Instagram!! 
I know, better late than never right? 

I put the doily runner as my first ever post. :) 

I'm mostly following home decor accounts, and I think that's mostly what I'll be posting as well, so if you would like to be my Instagram friend, here is a link:

Hope y'all are enjoying the start to fall!

Have a blessed week...

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Shabby Chic Wedding at a Polo Farm

Tomorrow marks my best friend's first anniversary!
I posted last year about her shower gift before we made the trek from the northwoods down to Georgia for the big day. It was gorgeous! I couldn't believe that a wedding thrown together in months could have so many charming details, but it did. 
I hope you enjoy...

My gorgeous best friend! 
Wearing a vintage dress that was revamped by her mom and aunts.

There were flowers galore! They consisted of greens cut from her parent's backyard, and a large collection of flowers that we picked out from Whole Foods and Sam's Club the day before.

 The adorable shabby chic photo booth that I only took a picture OF and not IN. 
Decorator girl probs.

Photo booth details

 The drink station

Even the napkins were beautiful! 

 This ended up being my favorite combo of flowers! 
I've always loved hydrangeas (my wedding flower), and spray roses are just soooo romantic! 

 The gift table

 I thought this was hilarious! 
The bride specifically said that she wanted all colors of flowers except for orange... 
Well, somehow one snuck it's way in in all of the bouquets that were bought, and then my mom decided to capture a picture of it without knowing all of that! HA!

Each table had it's own unique grouping of flowers in all different kinds of bottles and jars.

Smaller tables had antique silver trays to ground all of the flowers. 

 This shot gives a good view of the gigantic polo field behind the head table.

 An old bathtub of ice water - definitely needed in the GA heat! 

 The guest book sign in table

 The guest book was yet another treasure made by the bride's aunt. 
The lace on it is from her aunt's wedding dress.

 I loved the collection of white chandeliers in the reception area...all anchored by a gigantic white one in the middle. 

 Another shot of the cute drink bar.

 The stable area
My husband hung the lights! We turned him into a little decorator as well!

 View of the polo field from the farm house where the bride and bride's maids got ready.

 Doesn't get much more "Southern" than this!

 Guests staying cool in the shade while waiting for the ceremony to start.

 Becoming husband and wife!

 The kiss! 
Love all of the groom's brother's faces!

 The gorgeous wedding cake that was made by my little sister and the bride's little sister and later decorated "naked" style by my sister.

I'd say she did a spectacular job! 
She was 19 then and on her way to school for culinary arts - I think she could have taught the classes herself! 

 The wedding party along with the bride and groom's parents.

 Excited for cake!

And last but not least - THIS.
I felt like such an awesome photographer for capturing this sweet moment. :)
Daddy's girl for sure.

~Happy first anniversary Kayli & Olivier! 
Enjoy your second year and the big adventure of parenthood!! 
Love yous.~

Have a blessed week ahead! 


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