Friday, July 20, 2018

A Look Back: Barn Door Headboard {A Guest Bedroom Tour}

Here is a look at the barn door in its first home: the guest bedroom.
This room is also where the nursery currently is.

I love my barn door in the living room, and I love my baby's nursery, but I do miss this room!
It had a very serene feel with the monochromatic color scheme and lots of natural elements.

The comforter had a small leafy vine pattern.

Here's a look back so you can remember the dark, dated, smelly cave...
Don't miss that ceiling fan that you could literally walk right into!

This room get's a lot of natural light in the evening, 
and once I added all of my whites and light colors it felt even more bright and happy.

The plant in the window is a "lipstick plant" ...a baby from one that my mom had. It gets bright red blooms that look like a tube of lipstick.

As I look back now, I see that I may be killing this plant a bit! 
Uh-oh... it's definitely not this big anymore...

My sister did the painting on the nightstand. 
It is from a real photo of her and I sitting on a little bridge over a creek.
It looks exactly like the photo!

I love meaningful decor.
Maddie is on the left, and I'm on the right.
She also got me the piece of rock sitting on the mirror.
The rock has a story behind it about how it looks like Lake Superior. 

This wall display has some poetry that my best friend's mom wrote.
These pieces are now split up all over the house.

But I do love how you can bring a bunch of small items together to make a bigger impact on a wall.

The paper behind this verse was almost the exact same as the wall color in this room.
It wasn't planned, but it's nice when things like that happen!
The wall color is called "Sheltering Winter's Pine".

It doesn't get much more rustic than that... That's why I was sure to have my husband hang the door high enough so that even the pillows wouldn't be touching it.

I have no idea what the plant in the corner was called... 
it was a hand-me-down that we unfortunately killed.

This is the smallest of our 3 bedrooms, but it was still perfect for a couple of  guests to come for a cozy stay. And it did get quite a bit of use too!

Maybe someday I will get our current guest bedroom whipped into shape and can give you a tour of that. It also has a very serene feel with a monochromatic color scheme... but none of these colors.
It's currently the dumping grounds for all the things that need to be worked on around the fixer upper and all the things that need to be kept hidden from the baby! will be a while before you see it probably. 

My few readers are pretty patient people thought. ;)

Thanks for taking the tour!


Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Living Room Tour

It's been a while, I know.
My new "mom life" kinda took over for a bit...
But my babe is just a couple months shy of his first birthday, so I thought it would be safe to give the blog some attention. 
And, I wanted to make sure I show ya'll the living room before it doesn't look like this anymore! There have already been several changes since I took these photos, but now that I have a new couch it is really starting to reflect my true style better.

I took a while (3 years) but I've finally got all of my hand-me-down, garage sale, and thrift store items working harmoniously in the living room - after lots of painting of course.

Let me remind you of the BEFORE picture.

When we moved in this room had gross, stinky carpet, a granny valance in the bow window, and lots of other problems. 
Like those beautiful baseboard heaters...all the pipes were burst. 
A true Fixer Upper.

This room wasn't too expensive or hard to fix up...basically just new flooring and paint did the trick. 
New windows will come shortly, and then it will be 100% complete.

I know, it's hard to make a gigantic black TV look pretty. 
There is now a sign above it, which helps ever so slightly.
Definitely not the best angle of the living room, but I want you to get a feel of the lay out.

The console table in the entry way is always changing. 
It's one of the few places I have to actually display decor.

My beloved church pew (a gift from my MIL and from the church my husband went to as a child) fits absolutely perfectly on this wall and is a great landing place for bags when coming in the door.

Still on the hunt for the perfect wreath to hang on my barn door, but until then I'm just enjoying it as is. The major rustic element in the room to help balance all the romantic pieces. 

My corner hutch doesn't fit in the dining area. 
When we first moved it in to the home I thought it would be so weird to have it in the living room, but I have grown to love it in here. It makes a statement and adds height.

Q: How many candles is too many candles in a vignette?? ;)

This room gets really nice natural light in the early afternoon.
All of my whites really help make it that much brighter. 
Light and bright is what makes me happy!
I got the rocking chair for $10 at a garage sale. It needed a bit of work, but it is an antique that used to be in an old school house in my town. I know I got a killer deal on it.

We purchased this couch from once I discovered how much I hated our old couch when I started breastfeeding. It was so low and deep and there was no support for my back or arms.
This one is perfect! The exact opposite.

I will admit, we were a little nervous about buying a couch that we couldn't try out. We had no idea if it would be comfortable, and it was hard to get a sense of the color from the pictures and comments. I was looking at the pictures daily and starting to feel like I may have made a big mistake. 
Then it showed up, and I ended up loving it even more than when I first saw it in the pictures!
Wayfair win.

I do love having a church pew... it is also great during parties for extra seating.

My Calla girl striking a pose...

I sometimes look at this barn door (that I pulled right off of a barn that was about to be tore down) and laugh because I know the person that built it had no idea it would end up hanging on some lady's wall one day as decor. There are nails all over it that were pounded through and then back down. 
It adds a lot of "character", that's for sure.

It works out well that my dog matches my decor...
Mostly white with some brown spots :) 
She knows neutral is in!

I would like to find a beautiful dried floral wreath for the door. 
If I can't find what I'm looking for I may attempt to make it. 
Or I may settle for the overly trendy cotton stem style wreath, we will see.

It is fun looking at the living room now that things are coming together. 
I have been collecting things from garage sales and thrift stores since I was in high school, not really knowing how it would all work out together. 

I think it...mostly...does. Right?

I chose the stain for the TV stand my husband built before I totally knew my style. ;) 
Someday it will probably get refinished...maybe white washed if he will let me.
But I also dream of a big armoire with old doors that will just hide the TV. 

Thanks for taking the living room tour!
Things are always improving around here...little changes being made, but it is finally in a place where it's actually presentable and not embarrassing anymore. 

I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed spring (yes, I am signing off using a "season" because who knows when I'll be back with another post!).


Saturday, December 23, 2017

2017 Christmas Home Tour

I finally got a new lap top! And now that I have all working keys, I'd say that calls for a blog post!
And just in time for Christmas. 
I'm not a consistent blogger, but I have been pretty good about doing a Christmas home tour just about every year I think...

Cause Christmas is the best.

So, here goes...

Here is our lovely tree right from the woods. Thankful for parents with lots of land and pine trees.
I've again got my crocheted snowflakes and pom-poms with bits of burlap and lace and all my favorite ornaments. 
I'd like to point out that I was a few years ahead of the pom-pom trend! 
All the big name decorators have them on their tree this year. 
However, unlike them, I will probably have these on my tree until I'm 40 ;)
They will be on to the next best thing next year.

I ditched my cheep little nativity stable this year, and I'm glad I did. 
I ended up flipping one of my old crates upside down, and I really like it! 
I don't think there were actually snow covered pine trees where Jesus was born, but we're in the northwoods here in real life.

This booklet was my new piece of decor this year. 
A $1 score from "Recycled Christmas" and the vintagy pictures in it make me soooo happy!
I still need to sit down and read it.

My manger.
 My baby can't quite crawl yet but he rolled over and started pulling out the straw trying to eat it!! Yikes. Made me realize I may not be able to put out a lot of the decor next year that I usually do. Or I may need to buy a baby gate...  

Re took nativity pictures when there was snow on the ground because it just looks more Chirstmasy, right??

Okay, so I let my husband decorate this year!
My sister and I went out thrifting (naturally) on the day I was planning to decorate.
Before we left I jokingly told my husband he needed to do the decorating, and I came back home to this little display by the TV that I really like!

I like how he tied the red of the prim Santa in with the sign.
And I like how he sprinkled in jewels like snow!

Seeing the three stocking this year makes me so excited!
Baby's first Christmas, here we come!

Angel in my corner hutch

It's funny how I've used these same things every year to decorate, but just this year I realized that these plates I have go pretty well with this little nativity. I just kinda threw them next to each other. I'll have to figure out something a little more creative for next year.

The barn door got some Christmas love too...
but would someone help those pine cones!? oy.

And the pop of classic Christmas red is over by the pew...

The Believe banner is from the Target dollar spot!

And I'm loving my truck pillow that was a Christmas gift from last year.

The chandelier got prettied up for Christmas again this year...
I think it's a little classier than the ornaments I hung last year.

God's Christmas decor...
I like to take my inspiration from Him: Sparkly & White

The white tree...
I'm guessing it won't be going up for a few years after this one. 
A toddler + one tree sounds like enough.

I scored the awesome crocheted tree skirt for this tree for $3 at a church garage sale!

The other vintage thing I got at Recycled Christmas this year is the NOEL Santa set. I just snatched it up fast without really looking at it. Once I set it up I noticed that it's kinda silly...
Does anyone else think the "N" Santa is looking a little too sexy!?? hehe

I got these bottle brush trees as an early Christmas present from my mom, and I so love the vintage + shabby chic vibe! I think I need a bit more of that in my decor. I'm liking the blush pink.

I think the snowflakes will forever be hanging in this window! 
Love them here.

Here's more detail of the console table area...

It's my "sparkly" area.

I chalk painted the little light up church...except for the bottle brush trees on it, and they are the exact shade of green as the "Christmas of Years Gone By" booklet, so that worked out perfectly.

Here are a few snaps from a Christmas dinner I hosted.
It's a lot of work to host, but I always enjoy getting to use all of my pretty dishes and what not.
I got to use the Christmas plates I got on sale after Christmas last year.

 Centerpiece: Cranberries with pine & white pine clippings in water with floating snowflake candles.
My table is very narrow so this worked out well.

And my old sled outside! 
It was mine when I was little.

Also, don't worry. 
I did add a lot more greenery and white pine around the lantern after this photo, so It's not looking that pathetic anymore.

Thanks for taking the tour.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Can't wait to celebrate with my sweet boy and teach him all about how wonderful Christmas is!

Christmas blessings and a happy, healthy new year to you all!