Sunday, September 28, 2014

DIY: Sharpie Plates {eclectic style}

Feathers and Arrows.
Two common symbols of the eclectic/bohemian style.
A style that I am noticing is become more and more popular these days.

Well, even before it was an "in" thing, my sister had that style.
She has been a bit of a bohemian/hippy chick kinda girl since way back to her middle school days when her personal style was first evolving.

A while back my friend Alice from Thoughts from Alice posted some Eclectic/Bohemian Plates that she had made to put on her mantle. I immediately thought of my sister! (you can probably still find my super excited comment at the end of that post haha)

So, I figured, what they hay, if they don't turn out it wont be that much money lost (because I just bought some cheap white plates). They turned out decent, and I ended up giving them to her as part of her 18th birthday present - something she could use leaving for college.

So, here is my take on the feather/arrow designs.

I ended up doing 2 with feathers, 2 with arrows, and 2 with both feathers and arrows to bring them all together as more of a set.

Then, on the backs of the plates I wrote out different Bible verses...all having something to do with food/taste/eating, etc. My writing is sloppy, I know, but they're on the bottom anyways.
Below you can see which verses were on which plates.

So here they all are...

For anyone that hasn't heard how simple this DIY project is, it is literally doodling with a sharpie on a ceramic plate, mug, bowl, etc. Then baking them in the oven at 350 degrees for  a half hour or so.

Doesn't get much simpler!


Thank you all for stopping by! 

For more DIY and Crafting inspiration you can follow my Pinterest board,
(I promise the things pinned to it are more creative than its name is haha)

Have a lovely and blessed week!

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Elephant Painting on Rustic Wood

Well, as I've shared before, my little sister is an incredibly talented artist.
I have another one of her pieces to show you...
One that she just whipped up in an hour or so. For real.

My cousin Anna really likes elephants. 
I showed my sister that I had gotten Anna some elephant dish towels for her birthday (the night before her birthday party). And my sister goes..."oh yeah, I was gonna paint her a picture of an elephant." 

So off she goes to her room and when I walk up stairs a little while later
I find her working on this little fella...

When it was only half way done I could already tell that it would make the dish towels I got for Anna look like nothin. But that's okay... They are compared to this painting.

Who wouldn't wanna hang this sweet guy on their wall!?

As you can tell, she loved it! :)

Well, that is all for this week...Hopefully some day soon I will have the time to actually write a post with some length to it. I've been so busy!


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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Collage of Beauty

It's scary how easy it is to always be wanting more.
I find myself doing a lot of day dreaming...
picturing myself at the time in life where I will drive a nicer car, live in my own house, have a beautiful yard...and the list never ends.

I think it's important to look around at what you have right in the moment, and be grateful for being exactly where you are right now.
Not always easy to do, but definitely important.

I am surrounded by so many beautiful things and so many beautiful people.

The challenge in life is to not take that for granted.

I pray you all will feel contentment this next week, and notice all of the blessings you have in your life. Hope it is a wonderful week!

Blessings, :)

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DIY: Key or Necklace Hanger

A simple DIY project...
A necklace hanger (what it was originally made for) or a key hanger, or really anything else you could hang from little knobs.

This was kind of a last minute project (used as a birthday gift) in which my hoarder dad, bless his heart, had all of the items hanging out in his workshop.

-an old drawer front
-a mini sample of gray paint
-an assortment of knobs
-and even the little metal thingy that goes on the back to hang it! ;)

I'm sure most of you crafty folks can figure out how to DIY this, but just in case,
here are my 5 second instructions:

Paint the wood.
Once dry, screw in knobs where you would like.
Distress the wood lightly with sandpaper.
Hammer in metal hanger to the back.


A nifty key or necklace hanger!


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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cosmos in the Garden {not ready for summer to end}

So while all y'all (yes, I wish I was southern) are posting these
 "ready for fall"/"fall inspiration"/"so excited for fall" posts
I'm over here like waaait, can I just get one more month of summer!?

It's not that I don't like fall. I do like the lovely week-and-a-half of fall that we get here in Wisconsin.
It's more because we had a very, very, harsh winter this last year.
Like, we are tough over here in the Midwest, but it was sooo long and COLD. 
And, they are predicting this next one will be similar to worse. :'(
I'm not ready.

I didn't get outside much this summer, not having a yard and all. 
Currently, I want to cry at the thought of snow.
I think I will start planning a road trip to go down south...


Anyways, enough of my protesting and complaining....
Here are some pictures of the Cosmos in my parent's garden, looking so full and lush.

Right before they are about to die...

haha okay, I'm done now, I promise...

Aren't they beautiful though?

And now, a short, corny, and slightly depressing poem.

Goodbye Cosmos.
Goodbye Summer.
September is here.
What A bummer.
It's your time to die.
The end.

I know, I know, I'm an incredibly talented poet. ;)

Hope you enjoyed your summer!


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