Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Country Girl's Playhouse

It's safe to say I was a spoiled toddler. 
My dad would often say, "You're spoiled! Do you know that!?"
To which I would respond, "Well yes, but at least I'm not a spoiled brat."

A sweet, yet spoiled, child I was...
My playhouse is proof  of me being spoiled.
Most children have miniature, plastic playhouses (you know the ones with the little teal shutters and no floor). Not I.
My dad build this charming, rustic, retreat for me (when I was about 2 or 3 years old) from the trees they had taken down while clearing out yard space. 

No plastic shutters here! I had a real picture window (I believe it was actually a french door turned sideways or something like that - hehe). 

Back in the day their was a sandbox out in the front yard and a mailbox off to the right. 
The swing-set was also near by. 
Does it get much better than that!?

And, of course, my mom had it all decorated. At one point I remember it being a schoolhouse theme.

It certainly got good use! I have many special memories in my beloved playhouse.

It is now a garden shed...
Although I would imagine when little grand kids come along it will be converted back to its original purpose. :)

What a blessed little girl I was...and still am!

Have a wonderful week!!


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  1. Oh what a lucky little girl you were! I would say you were/are well loved. I am sure you were too sweet to be rotten. I would love to have a little play house like this in my back yard..just to get away, relax and read.

  2. What a sweet little "log cabin" :) How much fun you must have had in there! Someday you'll enjoy decorating it for it's next chapter of good times.

  3. Seriously spoiled! Hehe. I want that to be my playhouse now! :) Thanks for mentioning the candles...I love wood wick candles and will definitely be on the lookout!

  4. So lucky!! What a wonderful playhouse to have. Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays this week. New Follower.

  5. So wonderful and blessed! The log cabin is so unique. xxoo When my daughter was little, my spouse built my daughter one, but hers was a cottage.