Sunday, August 7, 2016

Shabby Chic Wedding at a Polo Farm

Tomorrow marks my best friend's first anniversary!
I posted last year about her shower gift before we made the trek from the northwoods down to Georgia for the big day. It was gorgeous! I couldn't believe that a wedding thrown together in months could have so many charming details, but it did. 
I hope you enjoy...

My gorgeous best friend! 
Wearing a vintage dress that was revamped by her mom and aunts.

There were flowers galore! They consisted of greens cut from her parent's backyard, and a large collection of flowers that we picked out from Whole Foods and Sam's Club the day before.

 The adorable shabby chic photo booth that I only took a picture OF and not IN. 
Decorator girl probs.

Photo booth details

 The drink station

Even the napkins were beautiful! 

 This ended up being my favorite combo of flowers! 
I've always loved hydrangeas (my wedding flower), and spray roses are just soooo romantic! 

 The gift table

 I thought this was hilarious! 
The bride specifically said that she wanted all colors of flowers except for orange... 
Well, somehow one snuck it's way in in all of the bouquets that were bought, and then my mom decided to capture a picture of it without knowing all of that! HA!

Each table had it's own unique grouping of flowers in all different kinds of bottles and jars.

Smaller tables had antique silver trays to ground all of the flowers. 

 This shot gives a good view of the gigantic polo field behind the head table.

 An old bathtub of ice water - definitely needed in the GA heat! 

 The guest book sign in table

 The guest book was yet another treasure made by the bride's aunt. 
The lace on it is from her aunt's wedding dress.

 I loved the collection of white chandeliers in the reception area...all anchored by a gigantic white one in the middle. 

 Another shot of the cute drink bar.

 The stable area
My husband hung the lights! We turned him into a little decorator as well!

 View of the polo field from the farm house where the bride and bride's maids got ready.

 Doesn't get much more "Southern" than this!

 Guests staying cool in the shade while waiting for the ceremony to start.

 Becoming husband and wife!

 The kiss! 
Love all of the groom's brother's faces!

 The gorgeous wedding cake that was made by my little sister and the bride's little sister and later decorated "naked" style by my sister.

I'd say she did a spectacular job! 
She was 19 then and on her way to school for culinary arts - I think she could have taught the classes herself! 

 The wedding party along with the bride and groom's parents.

 Excited for cake!

And last but not least - THIS.
I felt like such an awesome photographer for capturing this sweet moment. :)
Daddy's girl for sure.

~Happy first anniversary Kayli & Olivier! 
Enjoy your second year and the big adventure of parenthood!! 
Love yous.~

Have a blessed week ahead! 


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