Saturday, September 17, 2016

DIY Doily Runner

After FOUR years of collecting, it's finally complete!
Well...that's a little bit of a lie. 
I used tacky glue to keep all these pretty little ladies in place for hand stitching them together. 
And, the stitching part hasn't exactly happened yet (sewing kinda scares me).
But let me tell you... tacky glue seems to work really well!
I've had it on the table for months, and they have all stayed together just fine. 
Maybe at some point in the dead of winter I'll get around to sewing. Maybe not. ;) 

A doily runner was one of my first ever pins on Pinterest, and so I set out to find a bunch to make a runner of my own...they must have been in high demand, because they sure were hard to find! 
This hunt started when I was living in La Crosse, and I would constantly be checking Goodwill. I would usually find one or two priced at $1.99 ea. 

Then, back up north during one of my trips to the local Salvation Army I found A TON! 
It was really so exciting... Big ones for 25 cents, small ones for 10 cents. WHOOP WHOOP! 

I had two matching doilies, which I put on each end.

Most of the doilies are very unique, vintage, handmade ones.
I do have a couple of those mass produced kind in there too though... but I think that's okay.
They're all pretty to look at in my eyes.

I really do love how it turned out!
And I'm still collecting...I've almost got enough for a second one for gift giving of course.

By the way... I got an Instagram!! 
I know, better late than never right? 

I put the doily runner as my first ever post. :) 

I'm mostly following home decor accounts, and I think that's mostly what I'll be posting as well, so if you would like to be my Instagram friend, here is a link:

Hope y'all are enjoying the start to fall!

Have a blessed week...

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