Saturday, February 6, 2016

Before & Afters {Thus Far}

We've come a long way!
We still have a long road ahead...

Here is an update on how some of the rooms are currently looking...

Bedroom 2 - which is currently being used as our master.
(The master is the only room with the floor not done. It houses all of our tools at the moment.)

New floor, fresh paint, good-bye giant ceiling fan. 

Much better! It will get new windows in the spring. It also still needs it's trim work done and closet doors painted white. A little extra organization too...we are STILL moving boxes over from my parent's house. I think we've almost got all of them now. Who knew we had so much stuff!?

Bedroom 1 - the first bedroom you see walking down the hall.
It is set up as the guest bedroom for now. My sister-in-law, niece, and nephews have used it twice!
 I think it is so fun to be able to have people over to our house. 

This room has a lot of plants because of the big window. It's got a bit of a nature-ey vibe going on.
My mom found a comforter that matched the walls perfectly and has little tiny leaves all over it.

Since this picture was taken we have hung up some sheers - using a birch tree for the curtain rod!
Not to fit the nature theme, just to fit the "free" theme. ;) We will have birch tree rods in the living room as well...once I get around to making the curtains.

Here is just a glimpse into the bathroom (the only room that hasn't been painted yet - for many reasons). Goodbye gross, green, peel-and-stick tiles. Matt's first tiling job was a success. I painted the vanity in a light semi-gloss gray and spray painted the hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze.
Oh! And notice that cracked toilet is long gone. ;) 

The entry way - still some trim that needs to go up, but my church pew fits perfectly on this wall. 
It's like it was meant to be. 

Here is the full picture. See!? PERFECTLY. 
I originally  had planned to put the pew on one side of the dining table for seating, but you really can't argue with this fit. Plus it's nice to have there for sitting down to put on our shoes before we leave.

The living room...
I did a bad job of getting a picture at the same distance I guess... 
But, I'll have a more thorough tour later on once it's fully finished. 

Yes, we finally did upgrade our TV! A Black Friday deal we just couldn't pass up.
For those of you that are new followers, our previous TV was 19"! Hehe

You can see it HERE in the efficiency apartment tour from our college days.

I guess we've come a long ways in that aspect as well!

Here is the last bit of kitchen cabinetry that got painted. 
I was so proud of finishing this project that I posted this picture on Facebook - which says a lot, because I very rarely post on Facebook! 
Huge accomplishment which has made the kitchen so much more beautiful. 
I must say, having a fixer upper is very rewarding.

I'll end with this little chandelier make-over. 
I thought it was done once I hung the crystal, but now I just want MORE, MORE, MORE!!!
I just need to figure out how to hang it properly... tips are welcome.
A little scrubbing and a can of flat black spray paint can make a huge difference though, can't it?

Well, thanks for checking back in.
If/when rooms become fully done, they will get their own special post showing all the little details.
I can't say I know when that will be, but as you can see we are slowly chipping away at this place.

It really does feel like home now.

Blessings for your week!



  1. Olivia girl! Your home is gorgeous!!! Seriously. That church pew!!!! You make me want one. It looks so good! The afters are so gorgeous! I love that white corner cabinet in the living area. It's so lovely. I'll be following along with you as well.

  2. Olivia, it looks spectacular. I love what you have done with the kitchen, the chandelier, the bathroom, bedrooms, entry... It's amazing! Love the pew in the entry. Both of you have done so much work, and it really shows. xoxo Su

  3. It is looking amazing! Your entryway is so perfect and that pew is definitely meant to be there. Can't wait to see the rest of it!