Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Home Tour 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!
Here is a little look at some of the decorating I did this year.

You can see some more of the progress on our fixer upper in this post.
We've got it feeling nice and cozy for the holiday.

A manger under the tree to remember why we celebrate the day!
Lovingly made for me by my mom and dad - a gift from last year's Christmas.

The mirror above the church pew in our entry way.
I felt like such a good photographer getting the tree in it! ;) hehe

Hi there! 

This is our "just married" car ornament - LOVE IT. 

I put my favorite little nativity in an old crate with some white pine. 

This sweet little angel ornament sits on top.
Is she not the cutest!?

My $3 goodwill tree from last year now resides in the dining room.

All set up to have our friends over for a Christmas dinner.
I'm loving entertaining!

I really love this ornament so I wanted it to go somewhere that it could stand out.
Under my ugly, gold chandelier was the perfect spot!

The husband looking cute - as always.

My very simple $1 goodwill nativity... 

Our tree! Decked out in silver, gold, burlap, lace, white pom-poms... 
I love having a real "big" tree. Straight from my parent's woods. :)

Oh, there I am again.
These pictures are just too fun to take!

I have 2 favorite ornaments from my childhood.
This is my first Christmas ornament from my parents. 
You can see how tiny it is by the size of the light bulb! 

This is my other favorite - from my parents for my 3rd Christmas.
What can I say...I love a little sparkle! 

My version of "Elf on the Shelf" 
He sits above my stove in the kitchen and keeps my company while I cook.

The centerpiece!
The only thing that was actual "Christmas Decor" was the white pine.
I felt so resourceful.

We may or may not have gotten wax everywhere while trying to light them for the picture...

I love the warm glow of Christmas!

And I love a white Christmas! 
I was almost scared we wouldn't have one, because we are having a rare El nino winter here... 
but it decided to show up last night - the real heavy, packey kind that is great for snowman making.

This is the picture from our Christmas card - yes, I decided to embrace my overly teal door!

From our home to yours, we truly hope you have a beautiful, special, happy Christmas!

Celebrating the best and most precious gift of all - our Savior who brought us eternal life!


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  1. So beautiful. I love how you arranged the nativity in the crate, and I love your father's manger. Merry Christmas to you and your spouse, and the door looks beautiful too in the photo. xoxo Su