Thursday, May 22, 2014

5 Easy DIY Bridal Shower Ideas

My friend Whitnie recently had her bridal shower. ( I showed you Her Wedding Venue a while back.) Being one of her bridesmaids, I of course helped out. It was interesting being on the other I know a bit of what my bridesmaids and mom went through!

Here are some simple yet creative ideas for throwing a bridal shower.

1.) Use Pictures as Decor

Pictures are affordable, and everyone loves them! Try to get pictures to hang of the bride-to-be with each of her bridal shower guests, plus some extras of her and the groom. Using jute with miniature clothes pins is cute and easy.

2.) Use Large Picture Frames as Serving Trays

When you put some pretty paper in a large frame and lay it flat - BOOM - insta tray. The best part? You can go back to using it as a frame afterwards. :) After-all there will be a lot of pictures from the wedding.

3.) Make the Game Prizes Worth Competing For

I was in charge of prizes, so let me show you how! It was quite simple really... I made little gift baskets that contained items that would actually be wanted by the guests. This can be done pretty frugally too, because none of the items are too expensive.

I did three different themed baskets.

This one had a gardening theme with seed packets, garden gloves, and gardening tools all in a little flower pot.

Then there was a baking theme with cake mix, cupcake liners, frosting, and an oven mitt in a plastic container.

And a relaxing theme with a book, tea, a tea mug, and chocolates, also in a plastic container.

...I will see those you thought were not competitive become very competitive. 

4.) Decorate "Shabby Chic"

This is a great way to go because it is all affordable items or things that you most likely already have laying around. Canning jars? Floral saucers? Candles? Mmmhmm. And especially right now because the rustic/romantic vibe is in!

5.) Make Too Much Food

Because you know you are at a good party when there is a ton of food and you feel like you can pig-out and not worry about saving enough for the other guests. We had a few different people making a few different things so that it wasn't too stressful for anyone. As you can see, I was in charge of mini cheesecakes.

Looking back, I'm not sure why I did all cherry. Wish I would have done some blueberry and some as caramel and chocolate.


I was also in charge of the fruit skewers (because we needed something to make us feel healthy).

Here is a behind the scenes photo of my husband's plastic wrap job on the fruit skewers. They weren't going anywhere! haha   ...(does he not look like a really tall 6 year old in this picture!? hahaha! aww..)

Bonus Tip: Use A Small Book As The Gift's "Card"

This, of course, could be used for any gift giving occasion. Just think about it though - cards are like $5 now! You can get a cute little book for that price and write on the inside flap. I got the bride-to-be a very appropriate book about the promises love brings.

Hope this helps anyone planning a bridal shower!

What are some other easy and creative party ideas ya'll have done?? I love hearing from you.


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  1. So sweet. I love your sweet and frugal ideas! The food looks amazing! xoxo

  2. What fun ideas! I love the plastic wrap-totally something my husband would do! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!