Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring Time in the Country

I was back up north for my little sister's high school graduation this last weekend, and although summer is in full force here in southern WI, it was only just beginning up there.

The pond was so full from all the rain, and all of the trees were starting to bud out.

My sister and I spent many sunny days by the pond catching tadpoles, frogs, water bugs, and turtles.

This picture will either fascinate you or gross you out, but it is a true "spring time in the country picture". The thousands of tiny black dots that are inside of the intestine looking stuff would be little baby tadpoles! This is all along the edge of the pond...
I even saw a little dad frog helping to squeeze more eggs out of the big, fat mom frog. ;) it was like 6th grade science class all over again!

Now back to something a little cuter ...this little guy was the only one brave enough to stay as I took a picture. There were 4 other turtles on the stump (all different sizes) as I approached.

On second thought, maybe he was just stuck. Either way I'm glad I got the picture. He was cute, about 3" in diameter. (I had seen a super tiny and adorable one, about a 1" diameter shell earlier - that's when I ran to get my camera, but it was long gone when I got back.)

Duke and two of the ladies...

I adore the shelf of birdhouses my dad built. And they look even sweeter now that they are getting older. I think they are the same age as I am! (20). This last winter was a rough one and the shelf came crashing down...that would be why the wood brackets are bright and new.

Some beautiful blooms below the birdhouses (say that 10x fast!).

So welcoming... There is no place like home.

As if I wasn't lucky enough to grow up with a pond in the front yard, there is also a creek in the back yard!
The lovely... Mosquito Brook

I could sit down here and listen to the water all day ...if it weren't for the mosquitoes of course. And the fact that this chair could break at any moment. ;)

The Marsh Marigolds sure are beautiful, aren't they?

I hope you enjoyed the country tour!


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  1. It's all so beautiful! Love those birdhouses your dad made. I have been to WI quite a few times. My dad is from there. He lived in Baraboo (until he was about 20), so I have been around there, Wisconsin Dells and Madison but never northern. Don't get out that way these days but I still have a lot of family over there!

    1. Oh cool! Maybe you will have to come back and visit..take a family trip to a rustic cabin in the woods! :)

  2. I love that bird house shelf your father made! It's a very beautiful yard.