Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A trip to the Party Barn do some wedding planning!!

This past weekend my friends Aaron and Whitnie invited me to go to the Pedretti Party Barn in Viroqua, WI with them - that is where they will be having their wedding ceremony and reception on September 6th! I am honored to be a bridesmaid, and was excited to go with and check out the space.

Right away when we got there we walked on to the deck and this gigantic mule came running over to say hi! It's hard to tell by this picture just how fat he is. I was definitely confused because I knew it wasn't a horse, but it was much bigger than some of the horses I have seen.
Anyways, there are a few other mules too, and they will just be hanging out right next to the barn and deck at the wedding reception, which I think is cool...gotta love partying mules.

Here is the inside of the barn with the current game plan for set up. I think it will work nicely. It is similar to what my husband and I did at our wedding, It allows for all of the guest to visit with the bride and groom and wedding party when they are in line to get their food.

This is the view from the other end. There is a nice stage in the corner, and those two old door are super cool and detailed! I wish I would have gotten a better picture of them.

It is definitely an awesome space, and it's already partly decorated!

I thought this was so cute! They put a little bow tie and hat on the ...uh...elk?
P.S. Whitnie is not that tall! She is up on Aaron's shoulders :)

In my mind I can see all the dancing and partying going on already! It will look great. Whitnie was talking about possibly putting some Spanish moss up in the light fixtures that would hang down. That would look really pretty... Also maybe decorating with some of the grape vines that are out in the vineyard, because they are getting married outside in the vineyard area, and there is a rustic wine theme going on (centerpieces are decorated wine bottles!) so I think that would look awesome too!
No matter what, it will be is a gorgeous space already, and outside it is surrounded by rolling hills of farm land, the vineyard, and of course the mules!
I can just picture it all green and lush and wonderful.... hurry up spring!!

Before we left we stopped at the Viroqua Food Co-op and got some Honest Tea and organic cookies. This is what the inside of my tea bottle cap said. I thought it was sweet...

Have a blessed day!

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