Wednesday, February 26, 2014

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

~Good Evening~

Here are some of the simple yet beautiful things that I enjoy in life. I've been having fun taking pictures lately with my new blogging hobby in mind. ;) Enjoy...

I got this cute Creative-Coop soap holder at TJ Maxx/Homegoods in La Crosse. The verbena scented Pre de Provence soap that sits in it is some of the BEST French soap out there in my opinion. They have many different wonderful scents, it is quad-milled, and it feels really good on your skin. I get my Pre de Provence soap at Ahlgren's in Hayward, WI where I used to work.

I love these little bronze hair clips that have pearl accents. They make me want to do my hair...and I am pretty lazy when it comes to doing my hair! Funny how it's the "pretty" things in life that motivate me...

My newest favorite thing! I got this adorable pair of earrings at Kohl's the other night. They were on super clearance for $3.80, marked down 80%...good ol Kohl's! Oh how I love a frugal find - especially one so beautiful and romantic.

Roscato - this is also a newer favorite thing for me. My husband bought this bottle of wine for us for Valentine's day. It is an Italian sweet red. YUM.

I love this cable-knit sweater blanket I got over the summer from JCP. It's nice and light-weight. The texture of it looks great no matter where I move it to in my little apartment. Also, this really cute crocheted pillow is from Treasures on Main in La Crosse. So cuddly! I love reading a book in this spot with the window cracked and some Chai tea. <3 Refreshing!

Blessings to you this evening,


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  1. We have very similar taste :) Loved having you join my link party! Hope you will return again next week!

    1. :) I sure will! I'm really liking blogging. Thanks!

  2. Very beautiful things! I am a pony tail girl but I would definitely be inspired to do my hair with those darling clips! :)

    1. Yes, same here! Pony tails or just straight down...they force me to actually do something with my hair which is a good thing :)