Friday, February 21, 2014

The Newby

Hello everyone (,
Welcome to Romantic Country Living! I absolutely love finding a good blog, specifically a home decor one, when I'm surfin' the web. I've always wanted to start one of my own, and I finally did was so stinkin' easy too! My hopes for this blog are to share some of the home decor in my life (warning: will be minimal as I currently live in an efficiency apartment) and also any beautiful or interesting home decor images I come across. I have an appreciation for all decor styles, but my favorite style can be described as romantic, french, vintage, country, farmhouse, and shabby chic. Basically I love old, pretty things and simple living! I also enjoy refinishing furniture and giving something ugly and outdated new life. So, my posts will pretty much be about that kind of stuff, and if I think anything else in my life is blog worthy, then I'll post that too!

More is to come...

Please check back!!


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