Sunday, April 9, 2017

Little Lilli's Shabby Chic Nursery

At the end of January my husband and I got to take a mini vacation down to Georgia to see my best friend, her husband, and her NEW BABY LILLI!! 

Lilli's momma is a shabby-chic decorator extraordinaire.
Aside from admiring all of her home decor (hopefully I can manage to share the rest in another post) I spent most of my time asking her all kinds of questions about mom-hood. 

Have I mentioned on the blog yet that I'm pregnant?
Well... I am. I've only got a couple months left until Lilli's future husband ;) is ready to be born. 
And his nursery is currently non-existent, so with baby stuff on my mind I'm finally getting around to showing you Lilli's. 

I loved every little detail in this room! 
(which was good, since it was also our guest room for the week - Lilli actually sleeps with mom and dad)

A dried flower display that hung above a chair in the corner...
It's hard to tell in my pictures, but the wall color is actually a soft green.

I LOVED the little vintage baby clothes above the crib.
(I recently found a vintage baby girl outfit at the thrift store and bought it, cause I'm confident I'll have a girl eventually...and you just don't pass that kind of stuff up.)

Baby shoes are the best! Do they actually wear them? I'm not sure. But I still liked looking at them all on this little ladder right next to our bed.

There was our super comfy bed next to some lovely vintage nighties. 

Why don't we still dress this pretty??

I just started laughing when I saw this picture again...I was so little! I think I'm like 22ish weeks in this picture. I felt huge then...and I feel like a whale now. So...what am I going to feel like in another month??

I stole this picture from Kayli's facebook, but I wanted y'all to see what used to be where our guest bed was - a gorgeous buffet used as Lilli's changing table.

And this is Lilli! The cutest, chunkiest, sweetest, little girl. 
And she has the best little shabby-chic wardrobe to go with her room too. :)

Here I am with Lilli - I think she was around 9 or 10 weeks old at this time.

A little blurry, but is she not the cutest!?

And my sweet Kayli ~ she got us all dressed up and took some maternity pictures for us.
She's an awesome friend, decorator, hostess, and new mom!

And the next time we get together for a mini-vacation we will probably have little toddlers that can play together! I'm excited to be joining her in the adventures of motherhood.

I'll work on getting my little boy a nursery and some pictures of it up...cause isn't it fun to look at little baby stuff!? 

Have  a blessed week,


  1. Congratulations, Olivia, to you and your bigger family. That is just lovely! Your friend's nursery is adorable and chic. I'm sure you will figure yours out soon. xoox Su

  2. Congratulations! I noticed you were featured at French Country Cottage. xoxo Su