Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Home Tour 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! 

I have gotten quite a bit of new Christmas decor this year...
Recycled Christmas at the Catholic Church is the best!

It is so wonderful having a house to decorate... especially at Christmas.
I changed a lot up from last year - and got a 2nd tree!
Anyways, here we go...

The entryway display

Lots of faux white pine in an old tool box.

Notice I dry brushed the frame white since the fall display? 
It was cool with the gold but just too dark for me of course ;)

A crate and little milk stool underneath that's also painted ASCP French Linen to match the console table.

Aaand then there is THIS beauty. A favorite homemade gift from last Christmas.
My sister painted this reindeer for me because I LOVE reindeer and she loves me.

I got a new frosted wreath for this mirror - from recycled Christmas for $2. One of many scores.

A touch of plaid is always festive!

My gorgeous tree! Right from the woods - just the way I like em.
And let me brag up my wonderful mother... She made me this tree skirt last year for Christmas - another one of my absolute favorite gifts. She knows me well.

I also made it to Hobby Lobby before the Christmas season and got some more pom-pom garland, so I had enough to go up the entire tree this year.

Another favorite score from recycled Christmas was a bag of hand made, crocheted, snowflake ornaments for 50 cents. They are my "filler" ornaments.

Ladies...let your husband help decorate!
I had plans to hang all these snowflakes in my bow window and ended up having him do it since he's 6'3". Well...I ended up LOVING his placement. I'm glad it was all random. 
Sometimes I tend to be a little too symmetrical with things and it just doesn't turn out the way I actually wanted. He gets me. :)

This vintage glass pinecone ornament is a new favorite this year. $1 recycled Christmas ;)

I made a very simple, little village this year with these buildings I got for 50 cents a piece at Salvation Army. Mostly because I would like a life size version of that house!

I don't know that Santa will fit in the front door or down the chimney in the back... 
It's not about proportion anyways right? hehe


Calla trying her best to pose pretty...but mostly wanting to come smell the camera.

A few little trinkets on the side table.

And on the other side table...

My hutch filled with Christmas goodies

A very simple little nativity...and Uncle Dan in the left corner, who is spending his first Christmas up in Heaven literally that close to Jesus. <3 

Not sure if he's actually vintage, but I think he's cute!

And these little ladies actually are vintage! 50 cents a piece at... you guessed it.. recycled Christmas!

A vintage caroler I found at Salvation for 50 cents

The tree looking a little more Christmas-sy with some presents.

A touch of Christmas in the bathroom... 
Taking advantage of the ledge on our weird 70's mirror/medicine cabinet thingy

I got these cute towels last year as a hostess gift from Aunt Pat and Uncle Dan.
The little church light was $1 at Recycled Christmas.

A reminder hanging in the kitchen window.

Okay...I am so stinking excited about this garland my mom grabbed at Recycled Christmas for $2.
I wish I had a better picture of it that showed the quality. When we got it home I thought wow, this looks really nice, like the kind we used to sell at a nice home decor shop I worked at. I then spotted a hand written the kind you see at home boutiques...$50! I left the tag on for now just cause it makes me happy! :D But seriously...who donates that!? Apparently that's not a lot of $$ to someone.

A little kitchen display...kinda thrown together with things I didn't know where to put ;)

And now on to the dining area...and my new tree!

The red is living in the dining room again this year.

A homemade ornament on the chandelier that my great grandma Sophie made.

I love this vintage table runner that I got at a garage sale for $1. I forgot to take a picture more close up but it has the cutest little reindeer and Santa in his sleigh.

And new tree!

I got this last year after Christmas for 75% off... $10.
And I REALLY had to convince my husband that we would "need" two trees.
But I'm glad he let me get it...and I think he is too because everyone has said they think it is really pretty. :)  

It's my more "glamorous" tree.

I kept all the ornaments silver and gold...and added my pink pearl garland.
That's how you class up a $10 tree ;) 

The lights really glow off of the white.

And at this point there is absolutely no more room for another Christmas card! I love feeling the love...and getting fun mail this time of year.

Almost time for the house to be packed full of family and to start opening the presents!

I do my best to make the home feel cozy...with very little money. 
Good thing I love thrifting!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas celebrating our savior... His birthday is the reason we go all out decorating! It's a special time of year...a time to make our homes feel extra special and cozy and filled with love.

Peace, Joy, Hope, Love, & Blessings to you this Christmas,


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