Sunday, April 10, 2016

French Linen Console Table Makeover

I shocked myself on this one.
 I didn't distress it.

I repeat - I DID NOT distress this table! 
No chips, no scratches. 
Just a smooth, waxed finish.

I had been wanting to paint this previously scratched, orange-y, blah console table a creamy gray. 

And I knew just the one I wanted. 
Annie Sloan's "French Linen"

However, I had to wait until my mom and I could take a trip to our nearest stockist.
I was trying to be so patient. We had been talking about going for quite some time.
"Some weekend this winter" we would go - we kept saying.
Then one weekend, very last minute, mom said we were going! Yay! Yay! Yay!!

I brought my French Linen and Old White back home and all the sudden I realized I had so many projects I could do! I had been putting them off until I got my beloved chalk paint.
The console table was the first - it sits right in the entry where everyone can see it, so of course that makes sense. I ended up going with these knobs from hob lob. Not what I had originally planned on, but the ones I had originally planned on seemed a little too big I think. You'll see them shortly.

Right now there is kind of a hodge-podge vignette on top of it. 
It needs some help, I know. I kind of just threw on some random stuff that was still laying around and needed a spot to go.
 But I am currently redoing things around here for spring, so it will get redone shortly.

 These were the first knobs I had chose after going through every single one on the hobby lobby website. There are hundreds. I bought the two sets though, because when I saw these in person they just didn't speak to me as much. I was thinking about using them on closet doors in one of the bedrooms since they are more that size. 

Opinions welcome. 
They are an easy switch - I suppose I can go back and forth between the two until I make up my mind for sure. 

This table looks so much better than it did before - I wish I had better "before" photos. It was really scratched on top. I got it as a $10 garage sale score. The inside of the drawer had a Thomasville stamp, so it must have been much more than that at one point in it's life.

Here is kind of a "before" picture, but I tend to forget to take them until after I've already started working on them.
 Knobs off and getting scrubbed. 

This picture doesn't even show how orange-y the wood looked. In some lighting it was pretty intense. Nothing feels more dated to me like orange-y stained wood.

It is much happier in it's new French Linen outfit! 

One more step complete in getting my home decor to actually look more my style.

If you have an opinion on which knobs look better, please leave it in the comments.
They are pretty similar, and I do like them both, so help me decide!
So far people have told me the smaller look better...
But those weren't my decorating, blogging friends! ;)

Have an awesome week!


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  1. It looks beautiful, Olivia. I like both knobs, so I'm not sure. French Linen is also a favorite of mine. I used it a lot on my porch to unify all the different pieces. Maybe you know this already, but when you clean it before painting use a mixture of water and vinegar half and half. I never had a problem with the grays, but when I painted a piece old white, and I had peeling. I had to start again. What a disaster. I was only dusting all along! xoxo Su