Friday, December 26, 2014

A Merry Little Christmas

We did head back up to the country for Christmas, which has been lovely, but we also had our own little Christmas at the efficiency before we left.

We didn't have time to harvest a real tree this year, but I did find this gem for $2.99 at goodwill! It certainly looks fake, but it didn't have holes, and was the lowest priced one. It came with a stand, but since I didn't have a tree skirt I put it in the garden urn...which I think I like better.

I also got the cool crystal ball patio lights at goodwill... I decided to put them on the tree, along with the pink pearl garland I got from Painted Porch, to help pretty it up.

A typical pinterest project... my fridge snowman!

And then there are the stocking and gifts under the tree...and microwave. ;) 

And lastly, my above the counter decor. It's really just a random mixture of Christmas objects I had. Nothing actually goes together! However the faux white-pine picks were new this year. I just fluffed them up and stuck them up there. I got them where I work and am hoping there are still some there when I get back...just marked way down since it's after Christmas. :)

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!!
We sure did.


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  1. It's so cute! Your tree looks adorable in the urn. It actually looks real, maybe because you decorated it so nicely by filling in the spots. Your refrigerator is adorable! Packages under the microwave hearth! Besides decorating skills, you also have a great sense of humor. xoox Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. So fun! I love the tree in the garden urn!

  3. Love the tree in the urn! I did that one year with a real tree. It was crazy though cause it was huge so I had to get an urn at Lowe's big enough but they only had a black one and I wanted white. So there we were spray painting a giant urn in December lol! I saw that snowman fridge idea on Pinterest too! My kids would love that. So cute.