Thursday, September 25, 2014

Elephant Painting on Rustic Wood

Well, as I've shared before, my little sister is an incredibly talented artist.
I have another one of her pieces to show you...
One that she just whipped up in an hour or so. For real.

My cousin Anna really likes elephants. 
I showed my sister that I had gotten Anna some elephant dish towels for her birthday (the night before her birthday party). And my sister goes..."oh yeah, I was gonna paint her a picture of an elephant." 

So off she goes to her room and when I walk up stairs a little while later
I find her working on this little fella...

When it was only half way done I could already tell that it would make the dish towels I got for Anna look like nothin. But that's okay... They are compared to this painting.

Who wouldn't wanna hang this sweet guy on their wall!?

As you can tell, she loved it! :)

Well, that is all for this week...Hopefully some day soon I will have the time to actually write a post with some length to it. I've been so busy!


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  1. It's amazing! She definitely has an amazing gift!

  2. She is very talented! That elephant is beautiful!