Monday, June 30, 2014

DIY: Rustic Bible Verse Flower Planters

With my first wedding anniversary fast approaching I thought I would start to do a few posts with all of the amazing pictures I have from that wonderful day!

These flower planters with 1 Corinthians 13 on them are quite lovable... and they were a complete family DIY project. My mom, my sister, and myself all painted the wood signs and my dad built the planters and attached the signs!

Before I say anymore I should mention that all of these amazing wedding pictures were taken by my wonderful photographer Sara Thiry of Wonderful Life Photography in Hayward, WI. Aren't they beautiful!?

I always knew that I wanted to incorporate these verses somewhere at my wedding. When we decided to get married out in the woods at my parent's house, the plan became to "scatter" the verse along the trail that led back to the ceremony site. 
Using pretty flower planters is how we did it!

Here they all are from the beginning of the trail to the end.

These scattered all along the edge of the woods from side to side.

They were one of the very first wedding projects we started working on, because we could paint inside during the long, cold winter.

Our wedding colors were plum, green, and white - I chose green specifically so that we could incorporate a lot of plants. I love plants!

We had the old, weathered wood for the signs next to a fire pit, ready to burn. Good thing we didn't burn it before we realized we needed them for this project!

My mom white washed the planters, which I think helped the signs to stand out more.

And there ya have it! Love never fails.

And here I am with my love at the beginning of the trail as we were walking back to the front yard area for the reception. You can kind of see in this picture what the spacing of the planters was like on the trail. 

I hope to share more of my favorite day later on!


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  1. This is so beautiful, Olivia, and you look beautiful too. The signs would be a lovely touch in a garden. Have a wonderful day. xoox

    1. Thank you!! They are scattered through out my moms garden now :)

  2. This is wonderful Olivia! What a beautiful and blessed idea! My favorite verse.... feeling inspired. Thank you! Have a great day! ~ Vanessa ~

  3. Gorgeous way to incorporate scripture. New follower from Feathered Nest Friday.

  4. Whoops - forgot to add: Happy Anniversary.

  5. What a cleaver idea....I love these!

  6. Your planters and setting are lovely! The painted signs with the Love chapter makes them even more special!!
    Mary Alice