Wednesday, April 30, 2014

6 Tips for Traveling with Only A Carry-On Bag

My husband and I are preparing to head to Cozumel for our honeymoon! We are very excited, but also nervous because he has never really traveled or been on a plane before, and I have never done it without my momma!

Anyways, we decided not to check any luggage (even though we had one free bag) so that we would not have to deal with the hassle and extra time it takes.

So, here are some tips on how to fit everything in and save yourself $50!

1.) Roll it!

I'm not quite sure why, but for some reason it lets you fit more stuff! I rolled our beach towels, 4 maxi dresses, 1 nice dress, Matt's swimming trunks, and Matt's t-shirts.

2.) Don't Bring a Big Cosmetic Bag

So I have one of those rather large, roll up style cosmetic bags that has a hook on top and a lot of pouches. It is black though, and all of the liquids and gels need to be in a clear, zip top bag. I still had in my mind that I would bring it with for make-up and some other things until I realized there would not be room. So, I'm just going to go with the lovely zip lock and a separate small make-up bag. I usually put everything in the shower or on the bathroom vanity when I get to a hotel anyways! These two bags are much smaller than my regular cosmetic bag.

Look at it all  ~ cute and miniature like! Everything you need for a week :)

3.) Use a Backpack as a Personal Item

As long as your backpack can fit under the seat in front of you or you don't mind it being by your feet, it should be fine! If the flight attendant thinks it's too big she might just bring it to the front or back of the plane and you can get it at the end of the flight. Mine has all these awesome pockets and will have our beach towels, books, the laptop, and some travel snacks it it!

4.) Don't Bring a Full Size Purse

You most likely don't need it (unless you take a large one as a personal item instead of a backpack and cram a lot in). We are going to an all inclusive resort so we wont need much money for food. I am just going to bring some mini purses to put our IDs, debit card, and some cash in. If we go shopping I wont want to have a big heavy purse on my shoulder anyways. These cuties are the way to go!

5.) Don't Forget to Use the Front Pockets!

It seems silly to say, but I know the last two times I traveled I didn't use them for anything. Now I need that space, and I have some emergency feminine items in the top pocket (lets hope I don't need to use those!!). In the bottom pocket I have all the important papers for hotels, airports and overall travel. I'm sure I'll be cramming more last minute things in there as the time gets closer.

6.) Buy Cheap Stuff (So you wont care if it gets smashed!)

Because lets face it, things are going to need to get smashed down to make this all work. And also because it's really fun to get super good deals. For example... the awesome mini purse that I got on sale at Wet Seal for $0.50. Yep, FIFTY CENTS! Then, when I was looking for sunhats they were all somewhere between $12-$20 ...then I walked into Dollar Tree and saw these basic beauties. They will work for me! They will be on top of all my other stuff getting smashed down when the bag shuts...

Bonus Tip - Find Overly Cute Travel Day Shirts!

Why? Because no one will see you again, and it's fun to be a little corny sometimes. ;)

So what if we are "that" couple for a day. :)

So there ya have it! 

In our two carry-ons and backpack?
  • 4 bikinis
  • 3 swim trunks
  • 5 dresses
  • 11 tops
  • 2 dress shirts
  • 6 pairs of shorts
  • 2 sunhats
  • A pair of heels
  • 3 pairs of flip-flops
  • All the toiletries we need
  • Sunglasses
  • Plenty of undies!
  • 3 pairs of jammies
  • A curling iron
  • A hair straightener
  • Passport Travel Case
  • Two beach towels
  • A lap top
  • 4 books
  • Several granola bars
  • Camera
...and I'm sure I will keep shoving more things in as I think of them, but overall, we are set!

You can do it too!!

Hope this was helpful... and hope you don't think I'm weird for making my stuff talk to you. ;) haha

I'll be sure to post some beautiful pictures of Cozumel to inspire you all to take a little vacation!

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  1. Awesome travel tips! I love your tees! Wear 'em loud and proud...and incognito! ;) Have a super time!

  2. Have a great time and safe travels. You did an amazing job packing! I knew the secret to rolling clothes, only because my parents had a trailer and lots of children. I still do it: my spouse hates the way I "fold", but we have been married a long time, so all is good. xoxo

    1. Thanks Su! Yea, it's crazy how that works...maybe I should start rolling things around the apartment to save to space. :)

  3. Hi Olivia! First, I want to wish you a wonderful trip! Loved all your traveling tips. My husband and I went to Italy for our honeymoon, and we've done 5 cities with only one backpack on our backs! Similar to your tips, we have taken less items and mix and matched them along those days. By the way, I love the fact that you are carrying your Havainas with you! Those are my favorite flops of all times!! I've have been wearing them since I was a little girl way back when they only had about 3 different colors to offer. Have a wonderful time!!! Love ~ Vanessa ~

    1. Thanks so much Vanessa! Using only a backpack sounds way more impressive! And I do love my Havainas as well we are so lucky to have tons of color options! :) Thanks for visiting.

  4. Love the crazy travel tees. Great tips. We hope to go somewhere in the fall and do not want anything extra to haul around.

    1. Thanks Donna! I do think it is nice to travel light :) less stuff to risk losing!

  5. Fantastic tips! I don't why the rolling thing works either, but it does! Have a wonderful honeymoon and thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


    1. Thank you! Yea, isn't that crazy!? I was glad to discover it!!

  6. Rolling is the way to go. At home I can fit about 50 t-shirts in one drawer. I usually don't pack any toiletries that I know I can buy at my destination. Saves me the trouble of worrying about clear bottles and frees up more space.

    1. That's impressive Julie! That is a good idea too...we will have to try that next time :) thanks!