Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Well I tried out another recipe from my Yum Board on Pinterest. Now only about 200 more to go right!? Haha...

Okay, so first I have to admit that I only kinda followed the recipe. I didn't have everything, and so I used it for an inspiration you could say.
But the real recipe can be found HERE!

If you are looking for something to make for dinner I definitely recommend them. Tasty and healthy.

So I didn't really measure...Like I said, it was an "inspiration". I know for sure I doubled the black beans (we love black beans!) and I didn't have water chestnuts, cayenne pepper, or tomato sauce (I used paste + water). And they still turned out!

I'm learning how much I love recipes that can be flexible.... because I hardly ever have all the ingredients I need. No space to put them all!

Oh, and I only used 3 peppers instead of 7. We just ate some of the stuffing on its own. (Check out big red...it was seriously a giant!!)

Now before you go thinking, "Oh, this poor girl doesn't even know how to cut her peppers!", let me tell you that we like them that way!! We have decided that we like them as more of a "bowl" style rather than a "cup" style because...
1.) You get more of the pepper with every bite.
2.) When you cut them they aren't as messy.
3.) You double your peppers! (kinda)

So that's that.

Here they are all stuffed and pretty. Ready to bake for close to an hour...make sure you start making them long before you are hungry, or make sure you are a patient person. My husband is not...at least not when it comes to food.

All done. Make sure you don't forget the cheese. These WI cheese heads never do. NOM NOM.
Delicious and nutritious... a complete protein and lots of veggies. Can't beat that!

Thanks for visiting! And a special shout out to my FIRST TWO FOLLOWERS!!!! I was soooo excited to see that. Thanks ladies.


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  1. I love that you cut them in half...I actually have never even thought of that! I always think its too much when they are whole with just the top cut off. Great pics...you definitely made it look yummy :) Third follower here! You will get lots more in no time!

    1. Thanks Alice!! So happy to have a third follower! :D