Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flowers from my love...

My loving husband had these beauties waiting for me at home when I got back from work...
over a week ago!

Right now they are at the point where they are super fragrant (probably about to die...) and I am just loving it! 

He got me two different bouquets actually. Maybe because a couple nights prior I was grumbling about how he never buys me flowers... haha 

He made up for that though! I have such a great husband, and I'm so thankful for him...
and the beautiful flowers he brought me. They make me so happy every time I look over at them sitting on my table.

Who doesn't love a good bouquet of flowers!? 
Flowers are the best.
Especially when they're from your love.


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  1. Beautiful! Love when my husband gets me flowers (but it is usually only after I complain about it too lol!)

  2. Awww, what a good hubby! Their beautiful. Aren't fresh flowers the best!

  3. Oh how daisies...they are my favorite flowers...I can not believe they still look so pretty after so long. Maybe you should complain weekly, so that you always have fresh flowers in the house.