Thursday, May 20, 2021

Play House Makeover: Fixer Upper Mini Edition

Here's a bit of a throw back post!

A few years ago, when my son was just about to turn 1, our neighbor dropped of a Little Tikes playhouse that his grandkids had outgrown.

So... Like I do with just about anything, I decided to give it a little makeover!

I scrubbed it up and used Rustoleum spray paint to paint the door, shutters, and roof.

I also spray painted an old door mat dark blue and put that out front of the door.

Just wasn't feeling the bright orange. Thankfully a little spray paint does the trick.

On the back side I spray painted the orange "fire place" with a dark brown textured spray paint to make it feel a bit more like brick.

I found the cute little fencing pieces at Dollar Tree.

And of course I had to add some "decor" with a garage sale watering can and side-of-the-road free shepherd's hook. The tiny hanging basket is also from Dollar Tree.

And here's my little love enjoying it! 

When he was this little he mostly just wanted to open and close the door.
Now he and his sister use it to "cook". It also makes a great place to store balls and other outdoor toys.

Hope you're having a great spring and getting lots of little outdoor projects done!

Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas Home Tour 2020


Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a wonderful season...

Here is a little peak at my Christmas home. 

I was able to get a bit of fresh cedar this year which was so nice to add into the pine and white pine.

My old sled from when I was little...

I love having my new front entry porch to decorate.
The beams got wrapped in the white wood which makes it.... ALMOST complete.
Just need a doorbell!

I ended up adding in some sumac for a little extra color.

I think the bottle brush wreath that I made last year stands out nicely with the new door color.

I put my vintage display in the "new" cabinet that was my quarantine project for this lovely year...

It's perfect because little hands leave it all alone up there.

Santa mugs, carolers, my faux white pine, + jadeite! 

Plus the old tool box and scale for some rusty vintage charm as well :)

In the other hutch I put my nativity... which definitely needs to go up higher next year. 
The little lamb has already lost an ear.

Some sad Christmas decor news is that I missed "recycled Christmas" this year! But I have so much stuff already that it's probably okay. So what I did was take the money I didn't spend there and got the new plaid pillow covers for a touch of red in the living room.

Above the couch hangs my project this year - an advent calendar filled with a "name of Jesus", reading plan, and activity for each day. (Coming up with all that is the part that took so long!)

 Thank you to my mom for sewing all the tiny pouches! 
I still need to add numbers and little bells for each day, but we've been having fun with it. 
And the fabric matches our stockings!

The other plaid pillow + all of the snowflakes that always hang in this window...along with some icicle lights this year. Maybe someday there will be window trim. ;) 

The stocking were hung....

on the buffet this year!
I like how the maroon stands out on the white.

Every other year I have hung them off of the TV stand. But I figured my one year old would just be getting into them there.

On our real tree this year we added some dried grapefruit ornaments for some pops of colors...which I don't usually do, but I'm liking it for this year. I know just about every decorator has done dried citrus, and I'm usually not a fan of trendy things, but I think this is more something "classic" that is making a comeback so it's okay! :)

And a crate of our kid's Christmas books under the tree until presents show up on Christmas eve night!

TA-DA!!! Isn't it beautiful!! I finally got my husband to hang my antique crystal chandelier in the dining area!!! And it makes me love my house so much more. 
I've only been waiting for this moment to happen for 3 years...
Things just look so much classier in there now.

Our white tree in the kitchen got a few extra strands of gold garland this year plus the vintage pink cardinal ornaments I got at recycled Christmas last year.

Touches of tartan plaid on the table because that just always feels Christmasy to me!

The kitchen shelves stayed more neutral this year,

I put a wreath above the sink which I really like and will probably do again since I have so many wreaths and am always trying to figure out where to put them all!

And that's about it!

Thank you for taking my little Christmas home tour! 

I also decorated the bathroom and my son wanted to decorate his room this year as well, but I never got pictures of that. Oops!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

"For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Saviour which is Christ the Lord." ~ Luke 2:11

Happy Birthday Jesus!
I always say it's my favorite birthday party to decorate for! :) 


Sunday, November 15, 2020

Pumpkin Spice Party

If you need a fun get together idea for the fall, here it is...



Simple, affordable, easy to quickly DIY...

I hosted a "mom's night in" with some of my mom friend's from Bible study, and I'm always a sucker for a good theme. Most everyone loves pumpkin spice stuff in the fall, so I took that and went with it. 
Like A LOT.

The mom's ate dinner with their families and then left the kids at home with dad to play and have the dad's do the night routine.

 It was just a simple, couple hours we had together with nothing on the schedule but talking (yes, a lot about our kids) and eating plenty of sweet treats. 

I keep my fall decor pretty simple. 
I have this pumpkin garland I got at the Target dollar spot, and I found the pumpkin pillow cover on Amazon.

After gathering in the kitchen for a while with our drinks and desserts we ended up heading to the livingroom and just sitting around and talking - without the {small people} distractions we are used to.


- Pumpkin Spice Apple Cider
-Pumpkin Spice Latte 
-Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea

-Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake
-Pumpkin Spice Cookies
-Pumpkin Spice Milano Cookies
-Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Savory Nibblers 
-Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
-Dried Papaya 
-Veggie Chips

I also had a friend that brought some yummy fall butternut squash soup (for the few of us that didn't eat dinner with our family) and an apple pumpkin pie.
Another friend brought molasses cookies, and another brought a hot, fall punch. 
Needless to say I was sending ladies home with plates of dessert! 

But I think part of what makes a party great is having too much food. 
Then everyone feels like they can eat as much as they like. :) 

And if that wasn't enough sugar, on the way out the door there were little party favor goodie bags of chocolate ready to go in the pumpkin basket!

It was a great couple of hours with a fun excuse to get together and have the night off.

Because mom's feel like they do, in fact, need an excuse to do so. ;) 

And, it gave me an excuse to do some of the things I love -

 clean and decorate the house + eat sweet treats! 

Hope you are having a great fall!



Friday, August 21, 2020

The 2020 Garden


Here is a little progress report of our garden from this summer!

Small beginnings... 

Good things to come!

Always fun to see things triple in size after a big rain!

Both of our mint patches really took off this year - of course. But thankfully I'm a big fan of the very full English garden look, so I don't mind things that really spread out and give it a bit of a wild look.

I hope to have every part filled in someday and not see much mulch at all.

Next year I hope to have a big chamomile patch over by the little table.

The garden pup, Calla.

She's been a big fan of the lemongrass (right behind her head), which was a new addition to the garden this year. I'm really impressed with how large it has gotten in just a few short months.

 Fun to see her munch on it! She's the only one that's used it so far...

Up on our deck we have some tomatoes growing in pots.

We started this big fella from seed! It's a Baker Creek Heirloom seed, so my husband is attempting to save some of it's seeds this year and hopefully we'll have more in the future!

It was really good - meaty, not seedy, which is what I always look for in a tomato. 

In full bloom! 

Shout out to our chickens for all of the sunflowers! We give them sunflower seeds to eat, and then we used the chicken compost in our garden, and ended up with a bunch of volunteer sunflowers that we let grow in a couple different patches. It really cheered things up! 

I think I'll let them do that every year.

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Christmas Home Tour 2019

Merry Christmas Season!

My theme for this year's Christmas decor was "simple Christmas" because of a new baby coming any day now.
However, I'm not sure it has really happened. 
The only differences were that I didn't put up my big white tree, and I didn't haul up my tote of kitchen Christmas decor/dishes.
 I just grabbed a few of my Vintage Santa mugs out and called it good.

Here's a look at our "new" almost complete entry area...

The garland around the door has white lights strung into it, and that is the only outside lights we have this year. Simple, but it still looks like we tried a bit. ;)

I put out my old sled again with the ice skates off of it. 
New this year is the faux swag I got at Goodwill - half off for $6!

Right inside the door is our living room and view of the Christmas tree.

Again, we harvested one right out of the woods on my parent's land.
Charlie Brownish to some, but we like them like that now.

I had plans to make a dried orange garland for the tree this year, but I never got to it and also noticed that everyone else was doing that so I skipped it.
But then I added some fluffy yarn as garland, which is also what everyone else is doing, 
so I guess I am a sucker for trends after all.

My one Christmas craft for the year was this wreath hanging on the barn door.

I've had some pins on my Christmas Pinterest board (LINK HERE
for similar ideas, and I finally took the time to put it together.

I basically just hot glued some bottle brush trees to the bottom of a grape vine wreath I had lying around. Then added a bit of white paint and a few sprinkles of white glitter to the paint.

 It only cost me $6 because I bought the trees after Christmas on clearance, and the wreath was $1 at "Recycled Christmas". It has a nice rustic look that goes with my barn door.

I got a cool bokeh affect on this picture...unplanned of course.
I'm not that good of a photographer.
I only put out a vintage elf and this vintage angel in my corner cabinet this year, because "simple".

The pop of red landed on this wall this year. 
Since the photo I've also added a red and white plaid throw blanket. 
It looks cute, it just doesn't photograph well because it's right in front of the window.

The wreath in the window used to have pine cones hanging off of it all wonky like. 
I could never get them to sit right, so I just took them off this year, and I like it so much better now!

Still dreaming of a mantel to hang stockings under one day, but for now, this will do.

My mom and I made these stockings last year - as you'll see one is still waiting on it's name tag.
We still don't have a for sure baby girl name, but hoping we know when we see her.
I found these little bells at Salvation Army this year and added those for just a little something extra. 
Christmas decorating is all about being extra. Right?
I'm not part of the minimalist movement, if you can't tell. ;) 

In the window is my favorite little Goodwill Nativity, a little vintage angel bell, and some new white bottle brush trees I got this year at Five Below.

Above the window is my sparkly snow flake collection that is always so hard to photograph.

This is the only decor I did in the window this year. I basically just moved the lantern (outside) and plopped this down and called it good. And simple.

I have a few small pops of color on the tree this year as I grow my vintage ornament collection.
I found a bag of vintage ornaments for $1 at Recycled Christmas.
I think I have around 10 vintage ornaments now.

This top ornament I added to be one of the hanging snowflakes, because I thought it seemed big enough. It's one of my favorites and probably stands out more in the window than on the tree.

New vintage ornament next to a favorite - the "just married" car.

A closer look at the fluffy yarn I used as garland, along with the pom-pom garland I've had the last couple years.

The table just got a vintage runner along with this centerpiece I made last year at a craft day for moms and kids. 
You can't tell in the picture, but it does have some little fairy lights in it and looks pretty at night too.

A little baby white tree replaced the big one.
I found this pre - lite one for $2 at "Recycled "Christmas".

The gold garland was $1 and a bag of handmade pink cardinal ornaments was .25 cents. 
Both from my favorite indoor garage sale - "Recycled Christmas"! 
The fancier crystal ornaments were also from there. All were either .25 cents or .50 cents each.

The open shelving got some faux white pine and my favorite vintage Santa mugs.

Last year I went all out with a "hot chocolate bar" where these guys were the star.
This year they are just chillin' out front and center. 
Looking cute and old.

Miniature nativity was .25 at "Recycled Christmas". 
I have a thing for mini stuff.

I put my shabby chic bottle brush trees in the kitchen window in some floral tea cups.

And this blue Santa I've had since I was little - he matches the blue floral curtain above the window.

I love this little silver plated Christmas tree dish I got from "Recycled Christmas" this year for $1.
I think it may be my favorite thing I got there - not sure why, I just really like it and feel like it's one of those things that captures my "Christmas style" well.

I put some vintage carolers and bottle brush trees in the nook above my stove.
I can't remember where I got the sign on the cabinets, but I just love little old time Christmas scenes like that. They give me a nostalgic Christmas feeling.

The entry way console table looks similar to how it did a couple years ago (but simpler). All of the rustic/glam things ended up here.

Chalk painted church next to some silver jingle bells.

My talented sister painted the reindeer for me.

And finally, the "new" display for the year. 
Well, the antique buffet is a new piece of furniture around here, and it just recently got chalk painted.
It has been really nice having such a large space to do displays.

I was excited to put my Nativity up here this year - safe from small hands.

The flocked wreath was a post Christmas purchase from Walmart last year. 
Half off, so $5 for me!

I put white candles on my sconces, because after the buffet got painted the taupe ones just weren't cutting it. Then last minute I added some white tapers to the display because I could tell it just needed a little something else, and ya can't go wrong with candles.

The white sheep skin has a "fluffy white snow" effect. 
Not that there was snow in Bethlehem, but it just makes the vignette feel Christmassy and gives another layer of texture.

And that's all!
Not sure how I got this all done while also trying to get the house ready for a baby, but Christmas is a favorite for me, so I made sure things still happened. 
This is my take on "simple Christmas". ;) 

I hope you all have a great advent season.

Blessings to you and yours this Christmas!